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         Rob Ubels and Bob Siegel -

             Sam's Original Art Gallery


The Creative Process

Music and art have always been a constant and influential part of my life, and my pieces intertwine the two. I have also always been inspired by the idea that you can take something that is old and unused and give it a new relevant and repurposed life again.  


The first and most important step of my creative process, is choosing each musician. I choose artists that have influenced or impacted my life, then I choose the era that I feel defines the artist best, as I want people to feel that same connection. 


Once I have an artist and image in mind, my creative side takes over. Every choice in detail, from the size (48"X 36"or 36"x 36"), color and the texture of the stained panel, to the placing and mounting of each vinyl piece, is done with creative intention and purpose. 


When I smash, break, and cut the vinyl records into pieces and place them on the stained wood panels, I’m aware of the negative space of each face, letting it speak as loudly as the layered vinyl, creating the desired image. 


I believe that nothing can spark emotions, memories and feelings the way that music does. It is different, specific and unique to each of us, just as my collection is. Each of my pieces will carry a different story...


The art of music, meets visual art. 

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